Sleepnet N95 Masks

Protective masks like N-95 masks have not only become a necessity, but their superior technology brings in various benefits of its own. Today, we will understand Sleepnet N95 Masks, which have gathered attention due to its benefits. Since the Covid situation is still not very controlled, there is this constant fear in our minds, and we want to use the best available mask that prevents us from sickness.

These N-95 masks are manufactured in Hampton, United States. However, it can be delivered anywhere, and we will here understand all the benefits that the mask provides and all about its technology adopted to protect against all viruses.

How does this work Sleepnet N95 Masks?


These masks are manufactured by Sleepnet corporation. Sleepnet has been operational for more than twenty-three years and has manufactured high-quality gel masks used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and non-invasive ventilation. These masks are available in either full-face or nasal sizes and have a unique fit system that is quite comfortable.

There is a constant effort on their part to provide the most effective and cost-beneficial product. Now, when the whole world has been facing the pandemic situation, Sleepnet N95 Masks have been manufactured so that both medical professionals and normal people can wear them to save themselves from the viruses.

Envomask: This is a business unit of Sleepnet that makes world-class reusable N95 masks using the co’s patented Airgel technology, which is innovated by its team’s combined efforts in the United States. 

Specifications of Sleepnet N95 mask:

  • This mask comes with a replaceable air filter to protect our lungs against viruses and a dusty environment. 
  • This mask comes with a patented Airgel cushion technology that creates a firm fitting around the nose and mouth. It fits according to the size of your mouth and minimizes unfiltered air from penetrating the mask.
  • It keeps the safety goggles of medical professionals fog-free during their work as the seal prevents vapors from forming. 
  • Sleepnet N95 masks is extremely comfortable due to its gel cushion, and its filter is beneficial for preventing viruses.
  • This mask is reusable, which makes it also cost-efficient.

Pricing Sleepnet N95 Masks  


The mask is priced at $79, and it can be purchased worldwide. The package consists of the mask, five filters, headgear, and storage case.

Headgear choices are Holo that is traditional, which goes around the crown of the head and the other one includes quickfit that are tied around ears. 


Normally for longer periods, the one that goes around the head’s crown is preferred by professionals.

What do customers say about Sleepnet N95 Masks? 

The consumers appreciate these Sleepnet N95 Masks due to their comfort level and ease of use. The medical professionals have also contributed, mentioning that once they have passed the fitting test at the Covid hospitals, they are more comfortable than the disposable masks they normally use.

This is due to the Airgel technology that fits so nicely according to the fit on one’s face, and its filtration technology makes it easier to wear for long hours. 


The masks have been used during the Covid times to understand its efficiency regarding the viruses and keep our families safe, which also makes it trustworthy.


Sleepnet N95 Masks :Due to the superior technology and positive feedback about the masks, there is no doubt that they seem safe and comfortable to use. We will also recommend you to use it for you and your family to keep them safe in these times.

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