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All the important information that you need to know about Ascus scam >> read what the victims are saying about it. It is legit or not?

We have seen an exponential increase in fraud due to many factors, and it becomes extremely important for us to become more vigilant and aware of identifying them as scams. Today we will discuss such a scam that is Ascus scam, that is keeping the pubic troubled.

These frauds are on the rise in the United Kingdom as scammers target both individuals and businesses as they lose a lot of money to scammers posing as debt collectors. While it is possible, you might not have run into a scam yet, but this article will warn you regarding these frauds to not have to such a situation, and your money is saved.

Ascus Scam

When we acquire debt as an individual or a business in any form of finance, we tend to face debt collection agencies who can be fairly reasonable or sometimes be total scams. Here we are discussing the Ascus scam, a debt collector scam in which you receive calls referring to a non-existent debt and demanding quick payment or debts paid off.

The scammers are also using the name of ACS incorporation for sending emails to collect money. Those posing as debt collectors are very convincing as they have all the information like credit report and other personal details of the person that it is very difficult to spot them for which we will be helping you by understanding how to recognize them below, 

How to recognize a scam

  • When the person calling you to collect money refuses to provide complete information about the agency or gives inaccurate information, you need to identify it as an Ascus scam. The person demands you to make the payment immediately and should be treated with caution. While most fair debt collectors are also pushy about payments, you need to identify other factors.
  • If they threaten to take legal action or use law enforcement such as arrest or jail, you can identify it as a scam because, in the United Kingdom or other countries, debt collectors cannot use them.
  • Also, as all banks also suggest, it will be a fraud if the collector asks for some sensitive banking information.

Therefore, individuals need to very careful to identify them as spam as most of us get intimated by such charges and feel obliged to pay.

What Can Consumers Do?

Whether or not you have acquired debt, these financial companies threatening and asking for their money can also put you in a troubling situation, but you can protect yourself from such Ascus Scams by : 

  • You should avoid sharing any sensitive financial and personal information and do not discuss anything about the agency’s money.
  • You can also contact your original debt agency from whom you have acquired any debt if taken or search the agency for its legibility.
  • Report the authority concerned about such an incident so that immediate action can be taken.



While it is nearly impossible to get back the money that the consumer might have paid in the scam, we can avoid such scams while staying vigilant and aware. These scams and fraud are on the rise, and so are the competent authorities working to curb them.

We suggest gathering complete information and thorough knowledge about the agency to avoid them. Let us know your suggestions by commenting down below.


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