Squid game in Roblox

Squid game in Roblox? Squid game was the biggest hit series from Netflix in 2021. Get all the latest info with Roblox codes >> 2022, read full article.

The show became so popular that Roblox released a game on the same theme. The storyline shows multiple challenges to getting the final jackpot. If you have enjoyed the series, this game will grasp your attention.

Fans in the United States wanted to play similar games. Hence Roblox turned these tasks into 3D games. If you type squid games on the search bar, you will get plenty of options. All the developers tried to copy the essence of the game in one way or another by making separate versions. Read further to know more.

About squid game in Roblox

The squid game series is similar to all the game shows we watched as a kid. The players need to pass through different levels by performing physical challenges. The excitement gets doubled because if you lose any level.


You are going to die on spot. Using the same many Roblox developer came up with a similar version of the game.

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This squid game by trendsetter on Roblox has received major popularity from the players. It has the same name from the show, whereas others have different names like the fish game, red light green light, Hexa game, squid challenges, etc.

You can enjoy all these games for free on Roblox. Each one of them got introduced by a different developer. So, there is quite a difference in each one’s gameplay. (You are reading:Squid game in Roblox)


Trendsetter has created an exact copy of the show. There is the intermission survival task where you need to save yourself from other players using small weapons.

It carries the real essence of the theme and includes all the highlights in the gameplay. They even drop some surprise boxes before the game to increase the user’s excitement. After opening them, you will find a survival manual through an audio message. 

Roblox squid game codes

Roblox presents its players with some freebies that they can get without Robux. Anyone can avail themselves through the code linked to the item. We have some free promocodes that you can use for the Squid game in Roblox:

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  • TonsOfLikes – Earn 500 money
  • 450kLikes – Get money
  • 100MillionVisits! –  promocode for 500 cash
  • 500kLikes – Use it to get a bat costume
  • RBBattles – Get 500 money
  • PewDiePie – Theme costume
  • LotsOfPlayers – Money
  • FloodEscape – Credit 500 cash in your account
  • HalfABillion – Costume
  • LotsOfLikes! –  Get Cash
  • RobloxUp – Use for 500 money
  • ThanksPewDiePie – Earn 500 money
  • 350kLikes – A box with a Halloween theme
  • LotsOfStuff – Get 500 money
  • EvenMoreLikes – Money
  • LikesLikesLikes – Money
  • 100kMembers? – Credit 500 cash in your account
  • FrontPage! – two hundred cash
  • 100kMembers! – Get 500 money
  • 30kMembers – Earn 250 money
  • 5kFollowers – Money

About player 067 of Squid game


The number 067 is the code for the character, Kang Sae-byeok. It is the name given to Jung Ho yon character. She is a defector who got into the game to save her sibling’s life. As a Korean player, she faces many challenges to pursue this mission of winning the final cash prize. Her character signifies a strong personality with a kind heart to bring her brother back from an orphanage and start a new life.

The squid game in Roblox carries the essence of the show. They use the same costume for the characters. This 3D world by Trendsetter based on this show has received much love from the audience in the United States.

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He has incorporated each fine detail that you will find enthralling during the gameplay. He made sure that you experience the same thrill as the characters from the show by going through each task similarly.


067 also has some involvement with a high-profile gangster named Jang Deok-su. There are only two members in her family and, she has lived a lonely life.

The character is incapable of trusting any other person in the series and therefore under-performs in all the teamwork tasks. This game changes her whole personality and, she learns many new things in the process by keeping her morals strong.


The squid game in Roblox got launched after the immense success of the show. People wanted to become a part of all the tasks performed by the characters. You can search the game in the Roblox search bar and choose it from various options available. Download it for free and enjoy!

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