| How to Get Free Robux Roblox (2023) is one of the most frequently visited websites among Roblox members. The primary reason for this platform’s prominence is it creates and distributes unlimited Roblox money without charging a penny. But what is the procedure for obtaining Robux from this site? Is this webpage genuine?

If you want to know the answer to these questions, you’ve come to the right spot. This article will give you an insight into the world of Stagbux. So, keep reading to explore more!

What is


Roblox is a community of online games and gamers that continues to be most loved in many areas throughout the world. However, you must be aware that this gaming platform features digital money, known as Robux. Additionally, a player may obtain it by purchasing it on the Roblox store, which is the only legal way of doing it. 

However, buying Roblox money in exchange for real money is not always convenient for the people who are frequent players of the Roblox community. Therefore, the players seek an alternative such as Stagbux, which provides this digital money without asking for real currency. In short, Stagbux is a 3rd party platform that promises unlimited Roblox currency. 


Nevertheless, when you try visiting the site, it gets redirected to a page with a different URL, i.e., This site asks visitors to complete different offers in return for free Robux. Stagbux also claims to help you redeem your promo codes. Furthermore, you also have the option to get Robux by sharing referrals with your friends. You will get nearly 5% of your friends’ Robux if they link their Roblox accounts to stagbux utilizing your referral link.


  • Website name:
  • Domain creation date: 2021-02-26 
  • Domain expiration date: 2023-02-26


  • Free Robux
  • Unlimited Robux
  • Roblox account password is not required


  • Not affiliated to Roblox Corporation legally
  • No proofs of authenticity
  • It may not be safe 
  • The website’s name and domain URL is different

How to earn free Robux from Stagbux? 

  • Website is redirecting to
  • Click “START NOW” 
  • Write the username linked to your Roblox account.
  • Press “NEXT”
  • You’ll encounter an onscreen prompt- Welcome “YOUR ROBLOX USERNAME” along with “GET R$.” Click on the latter.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you’ll be provided with different offers that you have to complete to earn a free R$. You can choose to play games, fill up surveys, complete deals, etc.
  • After earning points, it asks you to go to “BUXARMY.COM” to claim your R$.

Is Stagbux legit and safe?

We completed an extensive study and evaluation to determine the credibility and reliability of this page. Unfortunately, the results are largely inconclusive. To begin, the portal was launched in February 2021, making it a relative newcomer. It is commonly assumed that the age of a domain increases its validity and trustworthiness. Yet, we are skeptical of the same because it has been produced lately.


One of the first red flags we came across was that upon entering the website’s name, i.e.,, you will get redirected to a page with the URL In addition, we could not find any information about the page on its website. So, we wouldn’t recommend using this site to get free Robux.

Nonetheless, we should note that anything related to Roblox comes from its authorized body. They do not include third-party platforms. It also pertains to Stagbux. Furthermore, as this website is not affiliated with Roblox, it might be unsafe.

User Reviews

Advertisements has received inconsistent feedback from users. Some reviews praised the service for its provision of free Robux. These people say that after completing the offers, they will be able to withdraw R$. Some individuals consider it to be a credible website.

However, the number of user reviews required to conclude its credibility is less than it should be. We couldn’t find the website’s rating on any trusted review website either. 


A lot of players are in a hurry to collect Robux, and that too, without paying for it. But before browsing websites such as, certain issues concerning their validity must be considered. Additionally, user reviews are pretty inconsistent with regard to Stagbux. To summarize, the Roblox community must be extremely careful before using such secondary sources for free Robux-generating purposes.  


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