VZN Rebate Scam

Vzn rebate scam is the topic that we will be discussing in this article. Users are facing a lot of problems due to the fake text sent to them on their devices. Verizon.com has been providing options to shop items with good deals, devices, accessories, businesses plans, and many more.

Denizens of the United States are undergoing the information about the scam, which is a threat to them. Briefing about the website, the motto is to offer a new iPhone 13 lineup, iPad, and iPad mini. Also introduced is the tool named Verizon Innovating Learning (a portal where teachers can access some tools for bringing next-generation technology into the classroom).

Let us know more about it.

What is vzn rebate scam?

The Verizon rebate texts link it to the malicious website. The website to which it gets linked is coveringwforest.com, and the users of the United States have received some fake text messages.


It includes, “There is a special rebate from Verizon of $200 “. The scammers have sent this message after the payment is done, attempting the users or victim to click on the website and leading them to a malicious website.

This link will trick the victims into downloading the malware and taking out all the personal information of that particular user, which can cause a major financial loss for them.

The numbers from which the text messages are received are as follows: 860-996-2595 and 313-768-9196.

If you get messages from these numbers, you can directly consider and report them as spam.


Also, we stating some of the messages which are received from the frauds:

  • Thank you for your payment! Please accept our special offer rebate from VZN of $200 coveringwforest.com/?#yYVk1DK
  • Thank you for your payment! Please accept our special offer rebate of $200 from VZN! capitalsoppose.com/?#99jHi3W
  • Thank you for your payment! Please accept our special offer rebate of $200 from VZN! untillangle.com/?#nZzHAtZ

So, from this information, we can say that the rebate scam numbers from which text messages are sent, and the links of malicious websites are not constant. So, the users are requested to be aware of it to avoid fraud. 

What are the major issues faced?

Lot many users are facing this problem of vzn rebate scam. While undergoing them, we have found some of the common issues of the users of Verizon as well as the messages as stated in the above section. 

  • Upon switching to Verizon with two iPhones, they were promised two rebates (switch to Verizon and Boyd) $150 e-gift card per line per rebate. So, $600 total after both rebates for both lines. The first rebate (switch to Verizon) came back as invalid. The user immediately contacted the Verizon sales team as the representative applied for the rebates for us. At last, they did not gain anything.
  • Users has switched the plans to Verizon and was said that the rebate provided would be permanent, but after getting the phone just on the next day, they had received a message of the expiration of the rebate three days later. It was too shocking.

Like this, they are being untrustworthy in every point of their deal.

What’s the people’s opinion on this scam?


So, while research, we got to know that the vzn services are are started in 2008. In recent times many users are fed up with these fraud messages in the name of vzn rebate scam as well as with their services.

One of the reviews which states that the service provided by Verizon is not to the expected level is as follows:

The iPhone 4S locked up on the user, so then I went to the Verizon Store. The lady there did the reset, holding in power on button on top and the round app selector button on the front; at the same time, it still did not unlock. She suggested I throw it in the trash and order a new one! Instead of buying a new phone, there was nothing else the user could do, as she had no other option left.”

Most of the reviews are like this, stating that their services are leading to betray customers.



After undergoing the reviews and the types of messages sent to the users, we suggest you be aware of this fraud message which may come to any individual through any number and which asks us or redirects us to few malicious websites. 

To clarify about the vzn rebate scam, they state the users to get the service of rebate permanent or get them in quantity.

So, it is advised to stay safe from these types of scams.


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