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How to do the www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card process? Whenever we give any new system a try, we look for an activation process.

Love2shop is a prepaid gift card that has multi retail features. Prepaid gift cards are always in demand for their useful features and great discounts. This brand is also a strong competitor of all other brands. This card also has some new features which help this card to stand out among all.

Recently some people have been willing to give this card a chance and use it on their shopping, and that’s why they are having a lot of queries in their mind. 

For all their questions, we are presenting this article on the different processes of registration and How to do the www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card process?

What is love2shop.co.uk? 


In simple words, they are the company that offers gift vouchers and a gift card to use in retail shopping benefits. 

This card is widely available and accepted in various places within the UK, and you can find nearly 20000 stores that allow you to use these gift cards and vouchers on your purchase.

What is the process of www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card login?

We will start discussing the detailed process of registration, activate the card login process. 

These two processes are mainly interlinked, and you have to unlock one process to go to another one. Firstly start with the login process:

  • Open your respective browser and go to the official website of love2shop.co.uk.
  • You can see various options, and a pop-up asking for different services are visible on the screen.
  • Click on the login and manage card option for further procedure.
  • You can see a box asking if you are a new customer or an existing user.
  • Hit the click on the new user. They will ask about the email address and confirm your password for login and manage your account and card. Enter all information and click on submit.
  • After submitting, your account will be created successfully.

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Now, let’s come on the www.love2shop.co.uk register procedure. Before knowing the process of www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card, you have to be completely aware of the registration procedure.

  • After creating the profile, go to the registration portal.
  • At first, they will ask for your email address and password, mainly your login details, again to verify.
  • After your successful login, the registration option will open.
  • Now, they will ask you some questions, and you need to fill in all the details properly.
  • After verification, your card number will be successfully registered.
  • You can be assured about the successful completion when they send the confirmation email for the registration in your given mail id.

How to do the www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card process?

After analyzing the process of login and registration, it is time to share details about www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card Procedure.

  • Go to their official website.
  • Login to your account with your respective details.
  • Go to the managed card section.
  • Select Activate card.
  • Now, they will ask you to give your mobile number or email address.
  • Then they will send an activation code on your phone or by mail.
  • Check it and copy it.
  • Return to the website and enter the code on the respective text box.
  • After entering the code, they will ask you to set the pin. 
  • Set the pin according to you and reconfirm it.
  • After reconfirmation, your card will activate automatically.

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How to www.love2shop.co.uk exchange?

Another amazing thing about this card is you can exchange this card very easily. We present the process of exchange. 

  • Open the official website.
  • Click on the three-bar option.
  • Choose the exchange cards option.
  • They will show the different options of exchange card to card or exchange card to voucher or exchange voucher to the card.
  • Select your desirable options.
  • They will ask you to fill a text box either with a card number or a voucher code.
  • Enter the correct number or code and click on submit.
  • Now, the card will be exchanged automatically. 

How to check the www.love2shop.co.uk balance?

After getting the idea of www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card; you also have to know how to check balances.

  • Open the Love2shop website.
  • Go to the selective portal for balance.
  • Expand the menu list.
  • Select on check balance options.
  • Enter the card number in the text box provided and click on check balance.
  • Now, you can see your balance.



Concluding, www.love2shop.co.uk register and activate card processes are easy to remember. This gift card is also reliable because this card is associated with MasterCard. You can use this card if you want.

We try our best to portray everything about their process. Meanwhile, if you want to share anything with us, you can write it in our comment box.


Do I need a PIN to activate my card?

Not all cards require a PIN; however, you will be prompted during the activation process if a PIN is required to activate. If you are prompted for a PIN and don’t have one, please contact the card provider.

What information do I need to provide to set up an online love2shop account?


To register to set up an online Love2shop account, you will need to provide us with the following information: full name, address, postal code, date of birth, valid mobile telephone number, and email address. 

How old do I need to register for an online love2shop account?

Online Love2shop account holders need to be 18 + years of age.

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