Parler vs Facebook

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There are several social media platforms where you can express yourself. Still, some limitations and restrictions block those thoughts that maybe not be found suitable for society, any belief, or against the government. Like Facebook, the most-loved social media platform has restricted and applied several strict policies that hurdle those comments or posts, including extreme viewpoints. In this article, we will discuss Parler vs Facebook.

Recently in the United States election, many controversies took place, and Parler is one of them. Facebook took a keen eye on the comments and pages that violate the FB policy. Many people expressed that the review points are suppressing, and it is not right to stop someone just to express themselves.

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What is Parler, and why was it in hot talks during the US election?

Parler is yet another social media application available both in the Apple store and Google Play store developed by the CEO of the app himself name John Matze. The app was created in 2018, but this application got hype during this year’s election for the United States President post. This platform allows you to express yourself freely. You can do whatever you want and share it on a public forum.

The fight between Parler vs Facebook fired up when several users of Facebook drive towards Parler and fully expressed and shared their viewpoint. By seeing others and reading about this platform, more and more users moved to Parler from Facebook.

What are the guidelines of Parler?

Parler does not follow the traditional rules and regulations which suppress the viewpoint. Apart from religious and racist comments, you are free to share your opinions. Like what happened during the US election, the application grew more prevalent when a senator from Texas promoted it on a YouTube channel, which received several views. 

That is the reason why people started comparing Parler vs Facebook and prefer Parler over Facebook. The expressions and reactions depict the election results and what happened, but sometimes it must be kept in mind that we should respect others’ sentiments.

The downloading is simple; you can visit the Apple Store or Google Store, and after downloading, register and make an account upload the image, and fill-up all the asked information.

Which is the best social media app between Parler and Facebook?

Both platforms have their USP and run according to specific rules and regulations. But Facebook restricted many viewpoints and created a policy that can remove your post, suspend your account without taking any consent from you. And this created an issue among the users, and they raised a voice against FB that it is biased and supports certain societal beliefs.

Whatever may be the allegation, but the heat and the race of Parler vs Facebook have started.  


The above article includes all the information regarding how the parler application received popularity and diverted the Facebook traffic towards it. Only time will tell who will win the race of Parler vs Facebook. But one thing is clear several users liked the app because it gives the liberty of keeping every individual’s opinion. 


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