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Get Robux amount and coins for free by using Robux generator by visiting prodes.me Among Us? >> Follow these simple steps to earn the giveaways for Robux and “Among us”.

Among us is one of the popular games over the internet today, as we all the popularity of the game is not limited upto the UK, the US but all over the world. The reason behind this is the simple gameplay with an engaging game theme. Several websites are writing about the “Among us” and about tricks, cheats, and benefits. Here we will cover such a website name prodes.me Among Us.


The website is engaging the traffic in France and some other regions due to its giveaways. The website includes a Robux generator by which you can generate the amount as per the requirements. 

Several confusing articles available over the internet related to this, but we want to clear it that Robux amounts/coins are only for Roblox and not for the “Among us” game. Both are two different online video games and has nothing to do with each other.

What is prodes.me Among Us?

The website name is Prodes.me, which is purely based on Robux generate, which generates Robux (amount, coins) for Roblox games. So, don’t get confused with the name prodes.me Among Us attached to it (i.e., Among us). Among us is developed by the Innerlsoth and Roblox developers develop the Roblox.

However, the website deals with distributing a free Robux amount, but you have to follow and complete the three steps to get that, gamers from France or from anywhere around world, the steps are simple and easy, which anyone can perform.

Steps to generate Robux:

Step 1

Fill up all the details asked in the block like username, i.e., the gaming account you are using to select the gaming platform among Android, IOS, or PC. Then click on enable encryption and click on the connect button.

Step 2

Rate the application with five stars and leave a positive review for the application. The comments are already available over there. You have to pick among them to post. Then click on the Next button.

Step 3

In this step, choose the amount you want to generate; the option is given like 100.000, 250.000, 500.00, 750.000. After the selection of the amount, click on the start generator.

Is the website legit, what is the visitor’s review?

To verify the legitimacy of the website prodes.me Among Us, it is essential to rectify the reviews by the visitors, but for this website, we don’t find any thoughts or feedback by the gamers or visitors. We also analyze some technical points like a one-page website with no information regarding the web page or creators.

The webpage is looking more like a website made for marketing purposes only.


After analyzing the website from each aspects, we don’t find it promising or reliable. Because we entered the username with details personally to verify its legitimacy and didn’t receive any Robux amount, we think that prodes.me Among Us is misusing the popularity of the game to misguide the visitors.

But if you have received any benefits from this website, let us know in the comments section.

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