www.narendramodi.in Membership Card Downloads

How to www.narendramodi.in membership card downloads? Now connect with PM Narendra Modi and directly share your views, issues or ask anything.

It is a website allowing citizens to connect with the prime minister to share their problems and thoughts. They have organized the membership to become an active participant in all the events and get benefits from the membership card.

BJP is the ruling party in India, and they are trying to communicate with the masses on a platform through social media. For this job, they have made a new website that keeps you updated about the latest news and actions taken by the prime minister. Read further to know more.

What is www.narendramodi.in?


It is an online portal connecting the citizens of India directly to the PM. You can get the latest updates and the events concerning the Narendra Modi. By switching on the notification, you will get regular alerts on any new activity or coverage released by the app. The people who love to watch his live speeches can visit a namo TV in the app that will telecast all the live events.

There are many snippets and clips available on different topics discussed by him on the website. For getting the latest updates on government news, you can visit the app and look for the work done by our government for the welfare of the people.

They have also incorporated a list of all the new schemes that shall get availed by the citizens and get maximum benefits from them. A playlist of all the Mann ki Baat episodes on the website is also available. Along with that, you can also find information on our international relationships and speeches from stalwarts.


A small section on the website allows you to take a sneak peek into the life of our prime minister, and you can take a look at his struggles from childhood till now. Continue reading to know about www.narendramodi.in membership card downloads.

What is www.bjp.org membership?

Bjp membership card online is a way to connect with the ruling party and become a trusted member. You can donate to the party and join their recent events. You will get notified of upcoming rallies, elections, events, and anything related to the BJP party.

You can be an active part of their community and help in the well-being of citizens by subscribing to get www.narendramodi.in membership card downloads.


On subscribing to bjp membership card download 2022, you can also purchase their merchandise to be a part of the Vikas Yatra and other similar events like BJP live and election corner.

There are many options to benefit from this membership because you will become a part of the circle to get exclusive advantages and be part of future activities.

What is the bjp id card design?

You can download bjp membership card from the website as an e-card after registering or get it in printed form. The card design is composed of orange color that resembles the BJP party and has the party logo on the right side of the card.


The individual’s personal information, like name, state, and membership number, is also mentioned on the card. The uploaded photo in the application form gets posted on the top left corner of the card.

How to complete www.narendramodi.in membership card download?

We have stated a detailed guideline to help you in this procedure:

  • Start by visiting www.narendramodi. In the official website using any trusted browser.
  • You will see various options available on the homepage. Please read through these items to gain knowledge of the bjp membership id card.
  • Now click on the bjp membership card login to begin the process.
  • On the first page, you will find some empty boxes to enter your phone number and other personal details.
  • Type all the correct information and press next to complete the first step of www.narendramodi.in membership card download.
  • The next page asks you to submit some contact details that will also verify your identity as a citizen of India.
  • After submitting all the details, you will press the next button.
  • The last page, you will confirm your registration to get a username and password.
  • You have become an official member of the BJP party, and now you can avail all the benefits.
  • Those who want to donate to the party can now do it from their bjp membership card download 2020.


www.narendramodi.in membership card download will help you become an active participant in the ruling party and be part in the latest events. You can visit the official website and subscribe to the newsletter by sharing your email id to get regular updates on all the actions taken by the government.

You can call them on 750 5403 403 and become a part of their community or get more information about them. Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.


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